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Heat things up and ignite your passion with this hot wax candle set. Includes 4 candles and FREE satin love mask.

Kim's Tips on How to Use!

People use the lighted candles to slowly and sensuously melt onto their partner's body and many enjoy this sensation.

There's a couple of things to remember when starting to partake in "wax play." Light the candle and remember this handy trick: the higher you hold the candle, the cooler it will be when the melted wax hits the skin. Since the wax has to travel thru the air, this is a great way to "adjust" the heat of the hot wax before it hits the skin. I find that holding the candle about 2 1/2-3 feet above my pal's skin works pretty well for our candles.

For more information, check out the "Ask Kim" section of our website - just click to the link on your right!

Material: Wax.

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Sensual Hot Wax

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